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Welcome to my blog. My name is Helen. During the 10 years I have worked in offices, I have seen my bosses approach technology from a range of angles. In some cases, they optimised their team's relationship with technology, and as a result, there was less downtime, more creativity and a better overall use of tech. In other cases, the employers missed the mark a bit, and the business suffered. For example, they failed to train employees how to use certain aspects of technology. In this blog, I am going to explain positive and useful business approaches to technology. I want to write about training, optimising and understanding its role in your business. I may write some posts for individuals as well. I hope you like my blogs, and thanks for reading!

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Improving Your Team Through Technology: Tech for Businesses

Important Factors to Consider Before Installing CCTV Cameras in Your Home

by Evelyn Foster

There is no denying that security is a critical component of modern life. Security ranks high in contemporary hierarchy of needs. To this end, significant development has been witnessed in provision of security services. More specifically, advancement in technology has availed a broad array of security system products in the market. CCTV is a popular option because it allows real-time capture of events for reference, hence acting as a strong deterrence to security breach. Additionally, some CCTV products are user-friendly and they can be installed by homeowners without any form of technical assistance. However, homeowners who intend to install CCTV security systems should consider the following parameters before making any purchase: 

Point of Installation -- it is paramount for homeowners to consider installation points before buying a CCTV camera. The point of installation determines the type of camera to be procured. For instance, outdoor surveillance requires hardy cameras that can withstand weather elements. Such cameras come with protective covering.

Size of Video Backup -- before purchasing any CCTV system, homeowners should consider the duration they wish to keep video coverage. The backup period determines the size of storage media, which is a critical component of a CCTV solution. Longer backup periods call for bigger storage devices and vice-versa. By extension, the size of backup contributes to the overall cost of installation.

Complexity of CCTV System -- there exist a wide variety of CCTV products in the market. Some products are user-friendly while others are quite complex. Therefore, homeowners must have an objective before installing a surveillance system. For example, elaborate security requirements need integration of different systems that add to the complexity of the solution. In such cases, homeowners should consider engaging a professional from the word go. Further, a homeowner might consider some form of training to enhance operational competence in the case of elaborate CCTV products.

Availability of Power -- like most security systems, CCTV requires power to operate. In this regard, homeowners should consider reliability of power supply in order to ensure real-time 24-hours of video surveillance. Depending on the critical nature of coverage, homeowners should make an investment in power backup.

Law and Regulations -- CCTV systems are governed by statutes that must be considered before making any form of investment. Control has more to do with privacy rights of individuals. Therefore, a homeowner should consider the field of coverage for CCTV in order to avoid infringing on the privacy of other people, for example, neighbors and passers-by.