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Welcome to my blog. My name is Helen. During the 10 years I have worked in offices, I have seen my bosses approach technology from a range of angles. In some cases, they optimised their team's relationship with technology, and as a result, there was less downtime, more creativity and a better overall use of tech. In other cases, the employers missed the mark a bit, and the business suffered. For example, they failed to train employees how to use certain aspects of technology. In this blog, I am going to explain positive and useful business approaches to technology. I want to write about training, optimising and understanding its role in your business. I may write some posts for individuals as well. I hope you like my blogs, and thanks for reading!

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Improving Your Team Through Technology: Tech for Businesses

How To Ensure Your House And Small Business Are Safe

by Evelyn Foster

Although crime is slowly becoming less prevalent in Australia, there is no denying that it remains a problem and burglary and theft is still a real concern for many families and small business owners. While it can be too expensive to try and keep up with all the latest gadgets that promise to keep your property safer than ever before it is important that you have at least a basic level of home security that will deter potential criminals from your home and business. Here are a few steps you should take to ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

Hire A Security Consultant

While most other tips on this list are simply hints and tricks that should help keep your house from being a target from the wrong type of people, a security consultant will know exactly how to protect your specific house from the anyone looking to disturb the peace. While it may sound very expensive to try to engage a security consultant, it can save you thousands in misspent dollars on equipment that you don't need.

A security consultant will know the best items you need and will also be able to help work within your budget. The most valuable information they will give you, however, is new policies and safety procedures that you can use to keep vigilant at all times. By working these into your daily habits and routines, you will make your home much more secure by just staying aware of your surroundings and knowing the signs that can give away a burglar or a thief before they take anything. 

Keep Your Property Secure

While this may seem obvious, remember that a criminal is looking for the easiest possible job they can and if your house or business is slightly more difficult for them they will just try and find a different one. Some tips to keeping your house and business secure involve keeping lights on when you are not there, making sure that your windows and doors are locked at all times when you are not in the house or when you are asleep, having a fence securing your house from the road, installing fake cameras and having sensor activated lights that turn on when someone approaches the outside of your home.

While none of these things will stop someone determined to enter your house, they will stop almost every type of thief/burglar you are likely to encounter which is the vast majority of your problem. Security consultants will be able to deal with more pressing issues and help secure your house better but remember that simple steps you take can help you ward off any would-be criminals.