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Welcome to my blog. My name is Helen. During the 10 years I have worked in offices, I have seen my bosses approach technology from a range of angles. In some cases, they optimised their team's relationship with technology, and as a result, there was less downtime, more creativity and a better overall use of tech. In other cases, the employers missed the mark a bit, and the business suffered. For example, they failed to train employees how to use certain aspects of technology. In this blog, I am going to explain positive and useful business approaches to technology. I want to write about training, optimising and understanding its role in your business. I may write some posts for individuals as well. I hope you like my blogs, and thanks for reading!

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Improving Your Team Through Technology: Tech for Businesses

    Three Signs You Need To Update Your Business's CCTV Security Cameras

    If you're still using outdated CCTV systems, it's time to upgrade.  Security cameras are one of the most important components of a successful security system. They allow you to keep an eye on what is happening in and around your business. CCTV security camera installations can help deter crime, identify perpetrators, and capture evidence for police investigations. If you have an outdated CCTV system, it is likely that your cameras are not providing the quality footage that they should be.

    Getting Ready for Onsite Software Installation: A 3-Step Guide

    Are you planning to upgrade your software systems? Onsite installation tends to offer more benefits than offsite installation. For instance, reduced data security issues, high-level customisation, flexibility and employee training opportunities are a few advantages of onsite software installation. However, like any other form of software installation, preparation is key during onsite software installation. It's essential to ready everything for the exercise to ensure it runs smoothly. Therefore, if you are a novice to onsite software installations, here are some preparation guidelines to help you.

    Top Benefits of Upgrading Access Control Systems in Hotels

    Whether you operate a small private inn or are in charge of an international hotel chain, you need the right solution to manage access for employees and guests. It might explain why hotels are continually improving their access control systems. The good news is that there are numerous solutions that hoteliers can rely on to enhance access control in their establishments. This article highlights the key benefits of upgrading access control systems for establishments in the hospitality industry.

    Three Principal Guidelines for Good Commercial Software Installation

    Investing in new software can improve your commercial operations. In general, there are numerous tools and applications that have been developed to enhance the ease of conducting general and specific company tasks. However, the performance of these elements will be influenced by the installation process. If the software is not set up properly, it might not work well and might even compromise the input data and the hardware. Therefore, you must plan for quality installation.

    Understanding Dry Fire Detection System Installation

    Dry fire detection system installation, just as the name suggests, includes electrical and computerised devices installed in a building or structure to help detect smoke or fire and then give a warning through sound or lighting. They can also be programmed to automatically power firefighting measures that are waterless. Dry fire detection system installation can also include the installation and manual use of portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and blankets.

    What Are the Benefits of Knowing the Future?

    With a simple phone call to a medium, you could know what the future holds in store for you. Of course, depending on the nature of the psychic reading, you could end up with a very detailed understanding of your long-term future or, in some cases, a bit more of an idea about the immediate events in your life. Some readings are very in-depth, and others offer more of a panoramic view of the future.

    How to Tell When Your Computer Is Low on RAM

    RAM refers to random-access memory. It comes as a small physical component of your personal computer. Its purpose is to store data over a temporary period, making it the working memory of your computer that enables you to manoeuvre and carry out tasks hastily. When a computer has enough RAM, it means that there is enough space to store information temporarily so that you can access it within the shortest possible period.

    How To Ensure Your House And Small Business Are Safe

    Although crime is slowly becoming less prevalent in Australia, there is no denying that it remains a problem and burglary and theft is still a real concern for many families and small business owners. While it can be too expensive to try and keep up with all the latest gadgets that promise to keep your property safer than ever before it is important that you have at least a basic level of home security that will deter potential criminals from your home and business.